Stir Up your processes with Mixed Reality

Thanks to Mixed Reality we can include digital information within our physical world. This is a true revolution for companies, which can now offer services such as remote assistance, telemedicine or space optimization.

They can also take advantage of the full potential of 3D product design and customization or training and learning processes.

Discover the range of possibilities that Mixed Reality offers in sectors such as industry, health, retail or training.

Mixed Reality has the potential to help organizations and their employees work smarter and more agilely

By including digital information within our physical world where and when it is needed, Mixed Reality opens the door to a new dimension of creativity, teamwork and productivity in the workplace. Discover what Mixed Reality is and how your company can take the first steps to incorporate it and boost the business. We present different real use cases in sectors as diverse as training, retail, health or industry.

Get to know our Mixed Reality projects

Thanks to the work we have carried out in recent years, at Kabel we have acquired a great experience in the development of Mixed Reality solutions. We offer projects with increasingly advanced technologies that provide a competitive advantage for our clients. An example of this is our project with IVI to offer information about your fertility treatments in a more accessible way. Thanks to the application of Mixed Reality, people outside this type of medical process can more easily understand what the treatments consist of.


Thanks to the expanded field of view, view multiple holograms at the same time, appreciate greater detail of 3D models adding valuable information to the environment.


Interact with holograms in a way very similar to real objects, use your eyes and natural language thanks to smart microphones.


Muévete libremente sin cables ni elementos externos, gracias a su ergonomía mejorada que aumenta su comodidad. Levanta el visor en cualquier momento para salir de la Realidad Mixta.

We promote business transformation through technology

In the context of high uncertainty that we live in, where the only constant is change, companies need to be agile in their transformation, counting on technology as a key enabler for this adaptation process.

At Kabel we promote business transformation through technology. We help gain agility in decision-making, collaboration, value delivery, and the applications and systems available to them.


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