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18 January, 2019
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27 November, 2017


Year: 2017

Category: Digital Worker, Digital Customer
Sector: Manufactoring industry
Client: Qualicaps





Qualicaps, multinational manufacturer and supplier for medication and farmaceutical proccess equipment, presents its new “glocal” (global and local at the same time) and intuitive web as an innovative tool for its Marketing and Sales team. Qualicaps, integrated in the japanese group Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation, is composed by various regional units, and that is the reason it requested a platform that would allow them to standardize both the design and the corporate messages, as well as to personalize the contents within each region.

Business Need

  • Higher recognition of its new corporate image.
  • A platform to personalize the languages and the local contents, maintaining the control of them for its use in the European, American and Japanese market.
  • Increase of the generation of oportunities and entries

Solution Applied

  • Management and creation of content system (CMS).
  • Platform that allows the edition of content in real time, allowing adapting by geographical localization.
  • User analytic.
  • System that allows the creation of contextualize content and in real time, based on the way the users interactuate.

Benefits obtained

  • An easy to use site that allows the Marketing team to dinamize it with news from Qualicaps both in each region separately and globally in a jointed way.
  • A site that supports the commercial strategy of the company.
  • A CMS that allows an integrated and personalize client experience Customer Experience.
  • Summary and storage of metrics about the users.
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