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6 November, 2017
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Year: 2015

Category: Digital Cloud, Digital Customer, Digital Worker

Sector: Servicies


Analyzing the company’s data does not have to mean anymore generating hundreds of spreadsheets scattered in the file system, nor long and complex business intelligence projects. In Kabel we have been following the new power BI platform since its version in preview, and with that knowledge and previous experience we have been able to develop a system of exploitation of information, collecting and consolidating the data of different origins in a single repository, sharing the reports composed of rich and interactive graphics with the co-workers that need them. And all this with a much shorter development time, with a much lower investment (pay-per-use) and greater flexibility for the user to create, modify and share such reports.

Project diagram

Explotación de información con Power BI

Business need

  • To expand the functionality of corporate applications by exploiting their information stored in different repositories.
  • To share the reports generated with the rest of the company.
  • Minimum investment in HW and SW.

Solution applied

  • Use the new Power BI platform as a collaborative environment in which create and share with the rest of the organization the reports generated by the advanced users.

Benefits obtained

  • Agile development of new reports.
  • Collaborative business environment in which share the information.
  • Modern, interactive and multidevice visualizations.
  • Investment in HW: 0€
  • Investment in SW: pay per use.
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