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6 November, 2017
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6 November, 2017


Year: 2014

Category: Digital Cloud, Digital Operations

Sector: Industry


This solution made it possible to streamline and homogenize the procedures by automating it. Major changes include creating new user accounts, mailboxes, permissions and creating equipment requests; the execution of maintenance tasks as well as automatic resolution for SQL Servers mainly and finally the automatic creation of test environments based on virtual machines from a web portal.

Project diagram

Business need

  • To streamline and to standardize IT operation and management processes and align them with the line of business (LOB).
  • To reduce manual intervention avoiding human error.
  • To modernize and to optimize IT management.

Solution applied

  • To define an operative standard for every IT process possible to automate.
  • User Onboarding (new users hosting)
  • Proactive and reactive monitoring of the infrastructure.
  • Autoservice portal with a services and solutions catalog for the user without IT intervention.
  • Deployment and automatic configuration of workloads.

Benefits obtained

  • Total control over use and available resources.
  • Fulfilment of operating rules.
  • Reduction of delivery times.
  • Reduction of expense and time in IT support.
  • Productivity increase.
  • Service quality improvement.