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6 November, 2017
Business services bus
6 November, 2017


Year: 2012

Category: Digital Customer, Digital Integration

Sector: Banking


In an increasingly connected world, expanding, improving and customizing communication channels, hiring and offering services to final customers has become the main goal of companies. Under this premise, in Kabel we have developed a BizTalk Server-based solution for a leading Spanish market financial group that allows the organization to modernize its relationship with its customers through the use of mobile devices.

Project diagram

Business need

  • To establish a reliable and scaleable system to offer clients services via mobile devises.
  • Solution exportable to other entities of the group.
  • Traceability of generated messages.

Solution applied

  • Implementation of a Microsoft BizTalk Server-based messaging platform.
  • Solution of business monitoring based on Business Activity Monitoring.

Benefits obtained

  • Improvement of the communication between the bank and its customers.
  • Reduction of development time.
  • Technology independence.
  • High scalability.
  • Reliability before high messaging volumes.
  • Help in the decision-making