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6 November, 2017
IT processes automation
6 November, 2017


Year: 2015

Category: Digital Integration, Digital Worker
Sector: Industry


Large companies are in a constant process of international expansion that allows them to be more competitive. In this context we can frame the implementation of a BizTalk Server-based integration platform for an important multinational food industry company that enables the organization to build agile, consistent, efficient and high-cooldown business processes.

Project diagram

Business need

  • Reduction of time, expenses and number of errors during the planification and fabrication process in multiple manufacturing plants.
  • Early detection mechanism and support in case of service incidents.

Solution applied

  • Implementation of a messaging platform based on Microsoft BizTalk Server and Microsoft BizTalk Adapter Pack.
  • Preventive, reactive and evolving support and maintenance service of the infrastructure.

Benefits obtained

  • Reduction of time and expenses.
  • Improvement of handling and maintenance of the processes logic.
  • Reduction of number of errors as well as diagnose and resolve of incidents’ time.
  • Warranty of the correct functioning of the infrastructure overtime.
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