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6 November, 2017
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6 November, 2017


Year: 2015

Category: Digital Cloud, Digital Customer, Digital Toolset, Kabel Lab

Sector: Industry


The solution is a pilot project in which telemetry data is remotely obtained, from a device connected to the Internet, in this case, a Raspberry Pi, which can be idle or in motion. A basic scenario has been implemented (measure of 1 physical magnitude, together with positioning data), which can serve as the basis for the implementation of more complex scenarios, and to demonstrate how the use and exploitation of these telemetry data can be the basis for the construction of other applications and services focused on different audiences.

Project diagram

Telemetria en tiempo real

Business need

  • Remote monitoring of critical magnitudes for the comercial activity development.
  • Exploitation of adquired data for the analysis and real time decision-making.
  • Adjustment to the new paradigm for connected devices to Internet of Things (IoT).
  • Data adquisition from heterogeneous sources.

Solution applied

  • To define a common platform for the masive intake of data, coming from sensors and electronic devices.
  • Definition of functionality blocks based on services already implemented on Windows Azure.

Benefits obtained

  • Analysis and total control over the adquired data.
  • Improvement in the analysis and decision-making.
  • High scaleable system.
  • Reduction of costs before traditional monitoring systems.
  • Easy exploitation of adquired data.