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16 April, 2018
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Year: 2017

Category: Digital Worker, Digital Customer
Sector: Game industry
Client: Recreativos Franco


In its digital transformation and adaptation process to the new market situation and having bigger business dimensions, Recreativos Franco needed to have, in a centralized way, all the information about its customers and their game activity, as well as the most relevant economic indicators. The company manages nowadays a data volume close to 60GB, and its objective is for both technical and non-technical users of the company to have at their disposal this data, in order to generate their own reports and dashboards, and to also make predictions that help them make decisions.

Diagrama del proyecto

Business Need

  • To have available, in a centralized way, agregated information about customers and their game activity.
  • To have available updated information of the most relevant economic indicators of the company.
  • To give the posibility to both technical and non-technical users of other areas of the company to generate their own reports and dashboards.
  • To prepare predictions about certain critical variables for the company that support decision-making.

Solution Applied

  • Elaboration of a concept dictionary, transforming heterogeneous information into homogeneous and explotable information.
  • Elaboration of reports, dashboards and balance scorecards.

Benefits obtained

  • Agility in the decision-making.
  • Enquiry and performance about the information in a more eficient, fast and quality way in the areas of Marketing and Management.
  • Positive repercussion in the rest of the company, providing advantages to the consumers of that information.