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27 November, 2017
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6 November, 2017


Year: 2003

Category: Digital Customer, Digital Integration

Sector: Construction and bricolage


Collaboration project with a company of the bricolage sector for the management of the product prices that it sells. The aim of the collaboration was to implement a technological solution that would allow all the roles involved in the stores to establish the prices to the products in order to maximize the profit regarding the prices of purchase and to adjust the price according to the value proposal of the company.

Project diagram

Solución para la asignación y gestión de precios a productos

Business need

  • To transform data into significant information to proceed with its analysis and exploitation, as a basis for decision-making.
  • To standardize the heterogeneous data sources unable to correlate between them.
  • To automate manual actions of the data treatment (formatting, cleaning, standardization, etc.)

Solution applied

  • Design of a data “engine” able to homogenize and transform volume of data from heterogeneous sources.
  • A consolidated BD is generated in which handled data are comparable and allow a correlation for its exploitation.
  • BI is an indispensable solution for the correct exploitation of information.

Benefits obtained

  • Homogenization and optimization of data analysis.
  • Scalability and flexibility for inclusion of new sources of data in a simply way.
  • Data quality and confidenciality.
  • Easy and fast exploitation and reporting.
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