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Developed by Kabel to Microsoft, and in collaboration with Spike Techniques, this tool allows us to speed up the process of web application design. This solution recognizes a hand-made sketch and transform it into HTML code.
Sketch2Code works thanks to Azure’s cognitive services (Computer Vision and Custom Vision), that allows the application to process and understand the images and text that it sees (design over a whiteboard or a piece of paper), to then translate it into HTML code.


HoloKabel is a collection of Artifacts and Projects involving Mixed Reality and HoloLens, Cognitive ServicesAI, Indoor Positioning, IoT and lots of other exponential technologies.

Download our Mixed Reality whitepapers with exclusive content and a collection of  Use Cases grouped by Industries.

If you want to know more about how Kabel can help you develop business solutions based on Mixed Reality, Cognitive Services and Indoor Positioning, contact us and an expert in Kabel will make you a demo and analyze your situation in a personalized way.

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This application, developed for the Microsoft HoloLens, allows us to enjoy a 3D visualization of various famous artworks of the history. The development of this application was made using the tools of Blender and Unity; the logic of the application was developed utilizing the holotoolkit. The application recreates in three dimensions, adding sounds and animations, four well-known works of art: The Starry Night (Vincent Van Gogh), The Railway Bridge at Argenteuil (Claude Monet), Departure of the Winged Ship (Vladimir Kush) y Autumn (de Giuseppe Arcimboldo).


This is an application thought to learn. By using the Microsoft HoloLens, we interact with a Bot, giving him instructions of how to build an element and then, he will use those instructions to guide the user in the creation on that element.


This application uses the Microsoft HoloLens. A human squeleton is shown and the user can interact with it, by voice commands or by gestures (for this there is a panel control). We can add to it specific pathologies, like a mioma, in order to have a better view of it and see how it can affect the patient.


This is an application where we interact with a Bot, to whom we give instructions to show us pictures of what we want to visualize. Once we call the Bot, by voice command “Hey Bot”, he will recognize and process what we say and connect to Azure’s cognitive services, to show us what we have asked for.


Microsoft HoloLens is used to build 3D and stereoscopic shared experience between the teacher and the student, for Education, Enablement and training environments. It is proven that learning in three dimensions is much more effective than those based in  two dimensions.

In this platform, the teacher can choose content allowing the student to learn about a concrete theme, assigning and revoking permissions and activities about that content in 4D (3D + movement). In this way, the teacher can guide and collaborate with the student, who keeps its own spacial perspective for the 4D content shared. Therefore, the teacher will have the ability to assign and revoke rights by using voice commands for each  holographic experience.


On the cartography of a building’s floor, a 3D spacial model is built aided by HoloLens spatial understanding capabilities to position people in real time without using beacons or any other positioning devices except the mobile phones hold by each user . This platform is able  to show a three-dimension area identifying, by holograms, certain people that are located in it displaying their position in real time. Situm is the indoor positioning platform  used in conjunction with Mixed Reality devices (HoloLens) to build a this 3D representation involving the Building and the user position.


It is an application designed to assist people with visual disability. By voice commands and sound listening, you can obtain information related to the distance of the object closer to you, as well as identifying surrounding objects. For that, HoloLens maps the surroundings in real time and by voice commands gives the information of the distance and characteristics of the tagged objects (gaze). It includes artificial vision and speech recognition cognitive services, to identify those objects and interpret the voice commands that the user gives it. The cognitive platform used  is based on Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.


It is an application that includes techniques of artificial vision and Mixed Reality, capable of identifying objects in the surrounding area. It is a trained model, based on Azure Custom Vision cognitive services, and operating in conjunction with HoloLens devices that collect the images of those objects, process them in the cloud, and are capable of doing an identification probabilistic calculation. This platform has industrial, healthcare, construction and Manufacturing clear use cases and, in general, could apply to any case requiring object classification, anomaly identification or patterns recognition


HoloShelves is a custom simulation of a supermarket aisle thought for the retail sector. We can design the structure and model, and put different product configurations inside the shelves by using our gestures according to what a specific brand could want to simulate.  We can collaborate on this configuration remotely with our partners.  Both products and the shelves have inertial characteristics simulating the behavior of real objects. The platform is based on HoloLens that is able to map the surroundings to position the shelves according to this, including objects that can be added, removed and moved inside their structures. There are some specific interest in tracking  gaze logs (for different products configuration and the corresponding positioning in the shelves).

You can access to the public application in the Hololens Store and the presentation of the app here:


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