We make technology innovation a reality

Among clients and partners, Kabel creates a set of practices and solutions with potential to reach exponential results.

To do so, we design strategies and solutions for the digital revolution (Ideate), we build solutions and bring them to our clients (Build) and we help them along the operation and maintenance process (Operate).

How do we do this? By acting as consultants to our clients, developing, deploying training, monitoring and completing our services and platforms by adapting to our specific client needs, always having in mind the latest technology.


We are based on a series of solution designs hypothesis and services, with which we work to put up a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that we set to run nimbly, learning throughout results metrics to validate as soon as possible the suggested hypothesis or modify its development by pivoting onto one of the established assumptions.

We put up prototypes and MVPs (Minimum Viable Products), such as the simpliest assets capable of proving the suggested business ideas. Digital Toolset and Kabel Lab constitute Kabel’s offer to make the creation and design of digital solutions easier by taking into consideration the current state of technologic art.

Digital Toolset

It is set by a group of services regarding consultancy, methods and tools, which constitute our support for the conception of digital solutions.

ExOs Framework (Exponential Organizations)

Lean Startup

Design Thinking

Bussiness Model Design


Kabel Lab

Experience and acceleration engine that allows us to identify technologies and disruptive solutions of high potential inspired on Sillicon Valley and to accelerate its incorporation to new proyects.

Artificial intelligence, ChatBots, Cognitive Services, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Virtual, augmented and mixed reality (Hololens)

Connected vehicle, Indoor Positioning



We build technology solutions at our clients’ disposal, including all the necessary activities for its success: migrations, knowledge transfer, adoption plans, change management

We understand that digital revolution implies two types of solutions; those related to a exponential business world: Exponential World of Work (EWoW) and those that constitute the technology foundations that support this exponential growth: Exponential Foundations (EF).

Digital Customer

In this digital client era we create solutions to maximize the employee potential while we achieve a unique buying experience in which the client obtains what they need in the right moment, place and form.

Among other solutions, we put solutions at the digital client’s disposal, as well as custom-made application developments around the Customer Experience, eCommerce, social networks, content management that go with the “Customer Journey” joining elements of Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) that maximize the experience and monetization of products and services in B2C settings as well as in B2B. We put special focus on mobility and context of the user.

Digital Worker

Equally, we provide workers with the aim to empower them throughout the technology so they can develop their maximum potential (Employee Journey).

We provide solutions for the digital worker around Big Data, Analytics, Selft Service BI, productivity and collaboration platforms, in order to optimize their individual and team contributions to the company. Specially in the Human Resources area we dispose solutions such as employee portals which complement the existing platforms or we promote adopting plans to get the most out of the available technology from the analytical understanding of how it is being used.

We pay special attention to the software developer (Digital Developer) considering multiplatform mobility and Cloud as their work references and using agile methodologies and DevOps to manage the applications life cycle.

Digital Integration

Digital integration is the key at all levels from intelligent spaces and cities, of which the sensors and drivers that surround us need to communicate with users and Cloud platforms (IoT) to the people who before a specialized application complex map need to be provided of integrated solutions at the level of the user (Citizen Integrator) that help them coordinate their work,  passing through the integration of platforms and processes that still have an equally relevant role.

We integrate by using top technologies in the market both Onpremise and Cloud. We use modern approximations as the ones based on micro-services or by looking for pragmatic solutions for those applications and platforms pending to update. All of this with the experience of more than 15 years making projects of integration and orchestration of complex processes in leading multinational enterprises in their sector.

Digital Cloud

We understand Cloud services as the basis of the technology acceleration that is taking place. We design, build and manage solutions based on their different forms; Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS); and Software as a Service (SaaS) integrated with on-premise or hybrid infrastructure. We know the required pieces for the construction of Cloud modern solutions that start up functionalities and services at a pace never seen before.

Hybrid infrastructures management, Monitoring, Backup, Virtuality, containers, hybrid storage…

Massive display of servers and devices

Establisment of security and stability controls

Develop of micro-services, functions, IoT, BigData, cognitive Services, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning

Smart Spaces

We think spaces are a key element in the transformation of organizations, as well as including elements, sensors and drivers capable of measuring and acting in our surroundings, from temperature, speed, position, etc…to cardiac rhythm meter or even identifying people voices or their mood by the integration of advance cognitive services, voice recognition or artificial vision. We work in solutions that integrate technology in spaces to improve productivity and experience of the people:

IoT (Internet of Things): sensors, drivers, Wereables…

Augmented/mixed reality, drones, vision 360

Indoor positioning, intelligent buildings (BIM), management of intelligent cities (SmartCities), connected car…


We walk with our clients during the maintenance and operation phases (Digital Operations) by managed services of added value:

Once the projects are finalized, we walk with our clients with managed services of added value that provide them with health and optimize the platforms using the necessary knowledge and experience in the operation phase.

Among the managed services that we provide we have the following:

Cloud Managed Services in Infastructure as as Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS), leading technologies in the market (Microsoft Azure, Google, AWS…).

Integration platforms management

Customer Experience platforms management (Sitecore) in MaaS (Marketing as a Service) format

Management and maintenance of platforms and applications

Accompaniment services for software developers, architecture tables, training, support…


Our alliances are the main providers that make Kabel the best technological partner for the digital era.

We design, develop and deploy digital artesanship