The future of the enterprises

One of the main challenges of modern companies is the integration of modern Cloud services that coexist with existing platforms in the company, causing hybrid settings integrated between them and the spaces around them.

Technological wave (Cloud, Mobiles, IoT, Big Data, Cognitive Services, etc…) that accompanies the digital conversion process is forcing enterprises to reconsider the strategy of their integrate platforms. The corporate inclusion and the architectures oriented to services have establish for years the integrate platforms of many companies and in the short-term they will continue to be. Nevertheless, initially they will need to adapt and give way to another type of integration technologies capable of moving at the pace that the digital revolution sets.


New Communication Models

New Business Models

Acceleration and Competitivity

IT Departments

EAI: Enterprise Application Integration
B2B: Business to Business
B2C: Business to Consumer
BPM: Business Process Management

BPA: Business Process Automation
API: Application Programming Interface
UX: User Experience
ESB: Esterprise Service Bus

B2E: Business to Employee
P2P: Partner to Partner
IoT: Internet of Things
BIM: Bulding Information Modeling


Time to market

Fastest answer to business opportunities

To reduce costs

To take advantage of the benefits that the Cloud gives


Extending and integrating Services and Applications


Helping IT areas to be accelerators for the business

Kabel accompanies you throughout the whole process

Kabel buids, with clients and partners, a set of practices and solutions to achieve sucess with exponential results. We accelerate the digital process transformation in the companies by creating, building and accompanying with technological solutions that covers the different perspectives (4P): People, Processes, Platforms and Places.

IDEATE. Kabel helps designing a value proposition and business models in which technology plays a relevant role thanks to KabelLab, our acceletation engine.

BUILD. Kabel develops the latest technology and adapts it the our clients’s needs, providing usability and adjusting it to the double speed of new business models.

OPERATE. Thanks to our experience, we identify barriers and we overcome them, accelerating implementation process and saving up costs. That way, we make our clients more competitive.


Kabel relies upon leading platforms in the modern digital integration market.

Integrated technologies

An hybrid time

One of the main objectives of the integrated technologies will be to facilitate the construction of hybrid sceneries, offering a consistent and unified experience between the potential that the cloud offers and the current inversion on on-premise platforms.


API's economy

The increase in the interactions between systems originated from the use of underlying technologies is converting APIs in central pieces of sotware development.



One of the main solutions that enterprises will addopt in the short term with the aim of accelerating its digitalization will be architectures based on μServices.



Internet of Things is one of the biggest steps that are taking place in the technology industry, tending to a significant transcendence in both the domestic field and the industrial facilities.

Tecnologías de integración

Un tiempo híbrido

Uno de los principales objetivos de las tecnologías de integración será facilitar la construcción de escenarios híbridos, ofreciendo una experiencia consistente y unificada entre el potencial que ofrece la nube y la inversión actual en plataformas on-premise.


Economía de las APIs

El incremento de interacciones entre sistemas derivado del uso de las tecnologías subyacentes a la transformación digital está convirtiendo a las APIs en pieza central del desarrollo de software.



Una de las principales soluciones que adoptarán las empresas en el corto plazo con el objetivo de acelerar su digitalización serán las arquitecturas basadas en μServicios.



Internet de las cosas es uno de los grandes pasos que se están dando en la industria tecnológica, tendiendo una enorme trascendencia tanto en el ámbito doméstico como en instalaciones industriales.