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Interview with Alfredo Rivela of collaborative models in the travel industry

Today, we are talking with Alfredo Rivela about the Web, travels, collaborative models and technology companies. Alfredo Rivela Perez, is a founder of and is one of the main supporters of the concept of Local Heroes.

Talking about Nomaders’ Local Heroes is talking about collaborative models of altruism and about people who shows you through their own eyes the places where they live, but also talk about technology and the Internet.

Today we Alfredo have with us to answer our questions in a moment of space-time between Madrid and San Francisco.

How did the idea of the Local Heroes?

The idea of a Local Hero, arises from the sensation of «I’m missing something» when we make a travel. Arises from the moment when you are visiting a site and you see that your everyday is totally different from the everyday of people who inhabit it, and basically what it needs is to connect local people and travelers, so that the people who live there can teach you the wonders of the places they live in and passengers can access these experiences. The objective is to promote an exchange model in which both parties get enriched.

How were the beginnings of and its evolution towards the current Nomaders Local Heroes?

Well, like every beginning, it has been hard. The concept of, brought several qualitative improvements with about what existed at that moment in the market, in a very tough and competitive industry such as online traveling. However draft takes a journey behind their backs for about 5 years since we started to mature and everything we had and now we have reinvented ourselves and are trying to bring travelers to what we consider to be the future of travel.

Regarding the Local Heroes, it will be much more difficult to place on the calendar when we started to work on it, because it really was what we wanted from the beginning of this project, only colloquially, we had to learn to walk before learning to run. However, we are really proud of the project and we believe in it.

What novelties brings Nomaders Local Heroes to Internet travel sector?

Talk about novelties in the travel industry is a very complex thing because it is a constantly changing industry, however, Nomaders Local Heroes speaks about change, about sensations and what it aims is to bring the experience through this collaborative model and social networks, to real life, allowing interaction between heroes and travelers, to go beyond the screens of our computers, phones, tablets etc., and materialize into something real.

What means to undertake this kind of project with a company like Kabel Information Systems?

To have beside you a company like Kabel, is to have a warranty, which efforts, dedicates and counts with a highly technically qualified group of people that are trying to take forward the project for many years.

Kabel is one of the technologic partners Nomaders counts with and we are convinced that is one of the strengths our company counts with.

To say the truth, we have been working with Kabel for a long time and I believe that not to count with them would have made realy difficult to find a company that would had implied and empathized with us like Kabel Information Systems has done.

Thank you very much Alfredo for answering our questions, we wish, both to you and to all the entire fortune you deserve.

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