Nomaders lanza una nueva versión de su Web Site con el concepto de los Local Heroes como eje central
27 abril, 2012
Introducción a NuGet
30 abril, 2012

The Nomaders’ Local Heroes are altruistic people who invite you to meet the everyday destinations and show you them through their own eyes.

The Local Heroes, or the Local Heroes initiative, becomes the manifestation of the idea that the different places visited by travelers, never become fully known. To know the different tourist destinations, we should live there for a while and face the cities as if we were a resident.

Nomaders, is making a strong commitment to this concept and argues that the online travel world is much broader than the transactional world to which we are accustomed by large online agencies, and as a proof of this, a new version of its Web Site with Local Heroes in the center of everything, from where you can book your next vacation and of course contact citizens at the different destinations that will make you feel like if you will were a part of it.

Kabel Information Systems, is collaborating actively with, to develop a website usable and accessible, with users at the center of everything and that maximizes the shopping experience and navigation.


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