Biztalk 2016
3 mayo, 2016
Pyramid Analytics – Kabel Partnership
9 mayo, 2016

Pyramid Analytics and Kabel have signed a partnership agreement to develop business in the Spanish market and to create value to their customers based on Pyramids´ Platforms and Kabel consulting services


We are pleased to start this relationship that will generate significant benefits for our customers.

This partnership will increase our capabilities by completing our cloud solutions portfolio with powerful on premise reporting and analytics platforms enabling storytelling with data.

Data Storytelling can be defined as the art of providing valuable information from data. It is about both language and technology and is the representation of the right information in the right format to explain something valuable. It can be achieved by mixing data from any source with the business context.

About Pyramid Analytics
Pyramid Analytics is a global business intelligence leader offering an analytics platform that helps companies transform into data-driven organizations. Pyramid Analytics’ proven BI Office is an analytics platform that puts the right information capabilities into the hands of every decision maker across the enterprise, resulting in a smarter organization.

Pyramid Analytics’ teams are based in operational centers across the US, UK and EMEA. To learn more, visit BI Office Version 6 microsite, , follow them on Twitter at @PyramidAnalytic, or connect with them on LinkedIn.


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