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Rapid Application Development. OutSystems – Kabel Partnership

Kabel is increasing the efforts in finding new solutions and partners to capture as much innovation as possible for its customers. In regards to the software development area, agility and speed are becoming a “must” for most of the LOB directors. They are more the ones that consider the TTM (Time to Market) in Technology Adoption a business key factor and they also like to be more involved in the functional decisions taken during the development phases. So, this has become a major concern for the CIOs.

In our opinion, there are four main factors (4Ps) impacting the digital transformation: People, Platforms,  Processes and Places . We will discuss just three of them here. We are referring specifically to Talent (People), Tools (Platforms) and Methodologies (Processes).

  • The first one is to develop or acquire the skills and talent needed to develop modern software solutions in an effective way. The knowledge adoption speed and the turnover are key metrics here.
  • The second factor refers to the tools (platforms, products, practices, libraries and in general code we can reuse) available when building software solutions. RAD approaches (Rapid Application Development) are being considered in many scenarios. They also usually allows a better involvement of the business guys during the development phases to take the right business decisions and pivot the solution faster according to market tests results.
  • And the third factor is the way we manage the Development and Operations Life-cycle. (more known today´s as Dev-ops). It involves practices like continuous deployment, agile development and testing, monitoring…  now supported by the consumption of many “cloud services” in an elastic, fast and easy way, so simplifying and making much more efficient this process.

We are very pleased to announce that we have already signed a Partnership agreement with OutSystems to Develop the Spanish market and help us to increase speed of the development for certain scenarios. We (OutSystems and Kabel) will work together to empower these there factors and so causing faster and better results to the business…

During the next months we will develop this relationship and will keep you informed about activities and information we will build together… If you like to be updated… follow us on LinkedIn!

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