16 mayo, 2012

Interview with Alfredo Rivela of Nomaders.com: collaborative models in the travel industry

Today, we are talking with Alfredo Rivela about the Web, travels, collaborative models and technology companies. Alfredo Rivela Perez, is a founder of Nomaders.com and is […]
27 abril, 2012

Nomaders launches a new version of its Web Site with the concept of Local Heroes as central

The Nomaders’ Local Heroes are altruistic people who invite you to meet the everyday destinations and show you them through their own eyes. The Local Heroes, […]
9 marzo, 2012

Collaborative models in the travel industry. The Nomaders.com Local Heroes

We have spoken on many occasions about Nomaders.com, but to say the truth, we are not the only one. Recently the people of Madrid Education has […]
4 enero, 2012

First meeting of Nomaders Local Heroes

Previously, we have already written about Nomaders.com. For those of you who do not know (yet), Nomaders.com is an online travel agency that is trying to […]