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‘Windows 8’ has been presented

Windows Phone 8

Yesterday it was presented the new version of Windows Phone, ‘Windows Phone 8’. It has been more of an evolution than a revolution, with respect to what was the previous version.

As main novelty is that the operating system kernel is the same as that of his older brother, Windows 8.

  • This means that is multi.core processors capable.
  • Ability to generate native ‘C++’ code (which can carry really cool games)
  • Three screen sizes: The current 800×480, 1280×720, 1280×768.
  • Finally allows the use of MicroSD cards on a removable way, I mean, you can store your music, videos, etc. and can take it to another device without being a problem (unlike it was before)
  • Internet Explorer 10 are equal in both, the mobile and the tablet. Apparently it greatly improves the runtime java script and execution of HTML5
  • Bing maps will offer information from Nokia and use NAVTEQ maps. It also comes with the ‘step by step’ navigation application out-of-the-box (previously only available to customers of Nokia and its Lumia models)
  • NFC technology support. Microsoft pretends us to pay with our mobile devices. We will have to take a look at how it is implemented out of USA.
  • Other major improvements are targeted to businesses.
    • Full phone encryption that can be remotely managed by domain administrators (I suppose using tools like SCOM)
    • Company Hub, every company will be able to manage their own ‘marketplace’ to publish privately their internal applications.Company Hub - Windows Phone 8

The new Home screen

Pantalla de inicio - Windows Phone 7 vs Phone 8
At first glance, the Windows Phone 8 home screen no longer has the black stripe on the left. Also appreciate that the tiles have different sizes, specifically three:

  • small
  • medium (same as today)
  • large (which are elongated and provides contextual information about the application).

And what about actual Windows Phones?

Essentially, nothing because they are not Windows Phone 8 actualizable… Ha!!!
But Microsoft is going to release a new Windows Phone 7 version for all those terminals, Windows Phone 7.8 (What a waste of originality, LOL!) that will include the same functionalities and aspect of Windows Phone 8 and which technically can be applied on current terminals.

So more or less it is similar to having a Windows Phone 8, but without multi.core support, native code, NFC, removable microSD (all these shortcommings are logic… where there is nothing, nothing can be obtained).

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